Dynamic Storage

The following subchapters explain how to configure, use and maintain Dynamic Storage with DCS. Within Swisscom DCS, we are now providing a new Dynamic Storage platform based on the EMC-ECS technology. The old EMC-Atmos platform remains in service without any changes to it's functionality and availability. The new EMC-ECS platform provides a state of the art S3 compatible API, highly performant and almost unlimited in size.

  • EMC-ECS (new)
  • EMC-Atmos

Existing EMC-Atmos accounts (Atmos API and S3 API):

  • Continuation of these accounts is guaranteed, i.e. date storing and retrieval with no change in functionality. Data remains secure and highly available.
  • However, it is not possible to provision new accounts on the EMC-Atmos platform. The new EMC-ECS platform is to be used to create new accounts.

New accounts on ECS:

  • you may use the new ECS environment, which supports a high performant S3 API

For configuration details please refer to the subchapters and consult the Dynamic Storage user guides

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